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Portable Sushi Roll Maker Making Kit Mold

Portable Sushi Roll Maker Making Kit Mold

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Sushi Maker is the easiest way to make sushi in your own home. Skip the restaurant and create your own favorite sushi rolls in no time.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you can make your favorite sushi rolls with no trial-and-error.

Simply choose the ingredients you love, fill the sushi maker, and you're ready to go. 

It creates perfectly formed sushi quickly and reliably every time. Use your own choice of fillings to make you a sushi expert and have your guests coming back for more!!

The Sushi maker can also be used for a variety of dessert items. Walnut rolls, fudge rolls, cake rolls, and biscuit cookies are only a few of the possibilities!

A fantastic device which makes perfect sushi in minutes. You will instantly be amazed and making sushi like a professional!

Creates perfectly formed, round, bite size sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and error. Perfect sushi every time!



Color: White




Package included:

1 * Sushi Maker Tool

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