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Human Figure Plant Pot

Human Figure Plant Pot

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The handmade resin technology, the combination of delicate and rough, gives a primitive and rustic affinity. Bright colors and different postures break the dullness in the corners of the space, full of vitality, without a trace of contrivance, with a bit of deep and Zen temperament, suitable for the spatial matching of any scene.

Handmade products, rough style, there will be uneven particles, small bumps on the surface. It is a deliberate effect of manual craftsmanship. Non-quality issues, please understand.

Name: Creative Character Resin Flower Pot
Type: Flowerpot
Process: handmade
Material: resin
Characteristics: corrosion resistance
Use form: floor type
Style: Nordic style
Application scenario: home gardening
Weight: 0.3kg for A and B models; 0.25kg for C and D models
Size: as shown
Abstract flower pot A-white, abstract flower pot A-black, abstract flower pot A-red, abstract flower pot A-yellow,
Abstract flower pot B-red, abstract flower pot B-yellow,
Abstract Flowerpot C-White, Abstract Flowerpot C-Black,
Abstract flower pot D-white, abstract flower pot D-yellow,


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