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Honey Syrup Dispenser Pot stand Jar

Honey Syrup Dispenser Pot stand Jar

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Product Description
Brand New and high quality.
Honey Dispenser, every family can have one.
The ensemble comes in three parts: a lid, a  honey container and a stand.
This honey dispenser releases a thin drizzle of honey into your tea, steamed milk or on top of toast, hot cereal, pancakes or cornbread.
New way, convenient and sanitary, easy to store and wash.
Green food grade acrylic material, non-toxic UV vacuum plating.
This simple item will quickly become indispensable at your breakfast table.
Enjoy your shopping time and have a good day.


Product Material: Plastic
Size (Approx.):8.3*10*15cm
Product Capacity:200ML


Package Included:
1 Pc Of Honey Dispenser

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