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Folding Laptop Stand

Folding Laptop Stand

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Adjustable Portable Folding Notebook Bracket Stand

This notebook bracket elevates your laptop to the perfect height
Prevent hunchback, relieve neck and shoulder pressure
Adopt anti-slip silicone to enhance friction, the notebook is not easy to slide
More stable typing, effectively reduces the damage caused by friction between laptop and bracket


6-level adjustable height helps to choose a perfect and comfortable angle for your eyes and cervical spine.
Foldable & portable, small size, easy to carry, suitable for home, travel, office. 
Hollowed bottom enhance air circulation and speed up heat dissipation.
High strength, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.


Name: Notebook bracket
Material: Aluminum alloy ,Plastic,Rubber
Color: White
Adjustable height: 6 levels
Item size: 26 x 6.5cm 
Item weight: 253g

Package includes:
1 x Notebook bracket 
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