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Electric Head Massager

Electric Head Massager

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Electric Scalp Head Massager Octopus Claw Vibration Massage Stress Relief Relax



-12 claw electric massage head, relieve head fatigue, relax body and mind

-Using rolling steel ball, steel ball rolling freely, smooth surface, comfortable and safe

-Moderate strength, with the increase of massage time, vibration feeling is more obvious

-USB cable DC port charging, long-term electric massage, easy to use, labor-saving

-Also manual massage with power off

Please note:

-Users with high blood pressure and mental illness are not allowed to use it when they are sick

-Do not use in case of bruise, swelling and pain on the head

-To avoid the product failure caused by water

-Charging with 5V 1A charger

Usage: before use, please install the massage claw and tighten the screw to ensure the battery has power. It can be used after power on



vibration body: About 7.3 * 6.3 * 6.3cm; 

Length of massage claw: about 12.5cm. 

After assembly: 18.8 * 14.5 * 14.5cm

Control mode: press the switch to operate

Massage steel ball diameter: 9mm

Built in battery: 500mA

Working voltage: 3.7V

Charging interface: DC

Charging voltage: 5V 1A

Charging time: about 3-4 hours

Packing list:

1x Head Massager (12 claw +1 head)

1x DC charging cable

1x screwdriver

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