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Electric Egg Boiler Maker Bowl Cooker Steamer 7 Eggs

Electric Egg Boiler Maker Bowl Cooker Steamer 7 Eggs

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Electric Egg Boiler Maker Bowl Cooker Steamer 7 Eggs Capacity Noise Free Cooker



Condition: Brand New

Type: Electric Egg Cooker

Material: PP + Stainless Steel

Color: White

power: 350W±10w

Voltage (US): 110V/ 60Hz

Boiling Time: 10-15 Minutes

Capacity: 1-7 Eggs

Cable Length: 1m/ 39.4in

Product Size: 19.5x15.5x15.5cm/ 7.7x6.1x6.1in (LxWxH)


Quick & healthy boiled eggs: With electric egg cooker, it's effective to boil 7 eggs once time in 10-15 

minutes. Come with a measuring cup with water volume instruction for you convenience to cook and get 

different tastes of boiled eggs (soft or hard).

3-Step easy operation: Add water with measuring cup according to your favor, then, place eggs or other 

food into the egg cooker; finally, cover the lid, plug in and turn on power button until indicator lights. You 

will get the boiled egg after 10-15 minutes.

Considerate design: Covered by transparent lid, which can see inside status, and feature 360-degree steam 

cycle heating to make food evenly heated, tastes more delicious. 

Included measuring cup allows you to calibrate the water level to consistently prepare the eggs to your desired style.

soft, medium, or hard boiled. Made with stainless steel base, this egg cooker is safe and easy to clean, store 

and operate. Great for any home, camper, RV or dorm room. 

Package Included: 

1 x Electric Egg Cooker with Plug

1 x Measuring Cup

1 x Egg Rack

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