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Digital Large Big Jumbo LED Wall Desk Clock

Digital Large Big Jumbo LED Wall Desk Clock

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1.16" LED Digital Wall Clock: Our digital wall clock is 16" long and comes with large Arabic numerals, making it quite easy to view and read even from a distance. Time, date, day of the week and temperature are all displayed on the same screen. Two-color week display is more intuitive and clearer.

2.Remote Control Operation: Adjust at any time, convenient and quick.


3.10-level Brightness Adjustment: LED digital clock has 10 levels of brightness. You can manually adjust it to an agreeable level through the remote to avoid disturbing glare while sleeping. It can also automatically adjust the brightness as the ambient light changes, so it won't be too bright at night. Also, you can turn it off if desired.


4.Easy to Use & Dual Alarm Clock: This product has to be plugged in via USB interface to work. Two key holes facilitate wall mounting. The provided 3m/9.8FT power cord is long enough to connect the plug. You can use the buttons on the remote to set 2 alarm clocks.


5.Countdown & Positive Timing: It also features countdown and positive timing function, and the longest duration is 99 minutes and 99 seconds. It is a good tool for time management, perfect for cooking, exercise, classroom teaching, experiments, etc.


6.Usage Scenarios: Suitable for office, meeting room, hotel reception hall, library, gyms, shops, living room, warehouses, etc.

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