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CW903 RGB Six-Speed Adjustable honeycomb Non-Slip Wired Gaming Mouse

CW903 RGB Six-Speed Adjustable honeycomb Non-Slip Wired Gaming Mouse

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CW903 USB Gaming Mouse Gaming RGB Luminous DPI Six-Speed Adjustable Hollow Non-Slip Wired Mouse


No need to drive, plug and play, designed for games, no need to install a mouse driver, no need to choose the computer type, plug and play, no need to wait to enter the battlefield!
There is no delay and no lag, it is cool enough to eat chicken stably and smoothly. No mouse driver is required, no computer type, plug and play, no need to wait to enter the battlefield!
The control accuracy of the native optical sensor is more flexible. The optical engine is used to greatly optimize the accuracy. The pointer control is more flexible and handy in various FPS games.
RGB seven-color ic light effect ignites the passion of the game. There are about 16.8 million colors to choose from to light up your game desktop. Seven modes are customizable. 5. Anti-sweat, non-slip, breathable and comfortable to help long-lasting fighting. The matte texture and unique honeycomb hollow design will bring you a better gaming experience and let you quickly enter the game state!
Immersive gaming experience. With the exciting rhythm of the game, you can customize the mouse LoGo and scroll wheel in the cW902 ligent configuration software, choose a personalized color and effect mode, or use your other seven-color ic equivalent equipment Linkage to create an integrated immersive gaming experience

The 7.99g lightweight mouse is lighter and more comfortable to operate. The mouse hollow design is the key to achieving lightweight while maintaining its durable strength
8. A better gaming mouse brings you a higher winning rate. Research tests in many games show that the better the players use peripheral equipment, the higher the chance of winning in the game
Working voltage: 5V
Working current: less than 100MA
Cable length: 1.5M
Interface: USB
Working method: photoelectric
Mouse size: rat ( greater or equal to 120mm)
Number of keys: 6 (keys)
Adjustable resolution: six gears
Wheel direction: four-way wheel
Photoelectric resolution: 600-6400 (dpi)
Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
Operating distance: 2 (m)
Light color: RGB
Type: Wired gaming mouse for PC/laptop
Support system: Windows XP/7/8/10/MAC or new system
Features: gaming mouse, ergonomics
Default DPI: 800 green/1600 purple/2400 blue/3200 red/4800 blue/6400 yellow
Colour: black
Material: PC
Size: 130x78x38mm

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