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Bingo Game Lotto Lottery Cage 75 Balls Machine

Bingo Game Lotto Lottery Cage 75 Balls Machine

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245 Pcs Traditional Bingo Lotto Lottery Family Game Set - Cage Balls Cards Counters

▲Suits ages 6-99 years.
▲For 2+ gamers.
▲Great fun at a low price, kids love it!

Type: Board Games/ Traditional Games
Title: Bingo
Packing size: 22x 21.5cm

Instructions included.
Great set with everything you need for a traditional family game.
Balls are automatically deposited on to ball slide.
This is a complete family/group entertainment game because many players can have a go at the same time.
The Bingo Lotto, which is made from durable plastic, makes it very convenient and easy to handle and reusable as many times as one wants.

Packing included:
1 x Bingo cage
1 x Ball display
18 x Bingo cards
75 x Balls
50 x Coloured marker counters

Play Bingo With The Bingo Cage
To win: Cover a row of 5 numbers on a bingo card in any direction - vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
The Win people: Must be the first to call bingo after a row of 5 numbers is covered.

Before Staring The Game:
A: Carefully separate all cards and markers.
B: To operate bingo cage: Put numbered balls into the bingo cage. Turn the handle so the numbered balls are dispensed.
C: Choose the bingo master - The bingo master calls the number that is dispensed from the bingo cage. The bingo master places the called number on the master board and checks the winning bingo card to see if it is correct.
D: Each player selects one or more bingo cards and markers. Cover the free space withe a marker.

To play: The bingo master calls the number on the ball. Example: He calls B10. All players having B10 ON their card cover the B10 with a marker. Note: Numbers 1-15 is under B; Numbers 16-30 under I; Numbers 31-45 under N; 40-60 under G; and 61-75 under O.

When bingo is called, the bingo master checks his master board with the bingo card to see if it is correct. If it is correct, the player calling bingo is the Win people. If it is incorrect, then play continues until there is Win people.

When two players call bingo at the same time and they are both correct, then each player dispenses a number from the bingo cage and the highest number wins.

After each game, a new bingo master is chosen and the cards may be exchanged for new ones or retained.

- Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.
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