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5in1 Hamburger Non-stick Burger Patty Maker

5in1 Hamburger Non-stick Burger Patty Maker

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What's better than a big juicy hamburger? How about a big juicy hamburger stuffed 

with cheese, or tomato sauce, or some of your secret ingredients?

We're not talking about adding a slice or two on top, or slopping a little something 

extra on the bun. We talking about actually injecting your delicious patty of beef with

anything that pleases your palate.With this handy gadget, it's all so simple.Just press 

your patty, add your favorite ingredient, top it off with more meat and press again. 

Of course, your tastes run more simple and you want to just go with a regular burger or 

slider (by using the convenient slider insert), this little gadget is great for that, too.



- Make Professional looking Stuffed Burgers,Regular Burgers and Sliders

- Best 3 in 1 Burger Making Tool

- Made out of High quality non-stick material

- Easy to use and clean,dishwasher safe

- Size: 125 x 125x 60mm

- Material: ABS



Enjoy stuffed Burgers in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Compress burger meat into the mold to form a base. 

Step 2: Remove outer part of the press Handle,press again to form a cavity. 

Step 3: Add your favorite fillings.

Step 4: Add additional meat to cover fillings.Return outer part of the press handle, 

press again making sure your fillings are sealed inside the Patty. 

Step 5: Remove your patty using the detachable mold base. 


Creating Sliders is Easy Using the Included Slider Mold with Removable Base

Step 1: Add your choice of meat to the slider mold. 

Step 2: Press the meat with the press handle. 

Step 3: Remove your slider patty using the detachable mold base.Cook and enjoy!


Package Included

- 1X Pressure meat combo assembly


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