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3X Tap Water Purifier Carbon Coconut Clean Filter

3X Tap Water Purifier Carbon Coconut Clean Filter

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100% Brand New and High Quality.
Material: Bamboo charcoal, PVC rubber,carbon
Size: Please see the photo
Color:Blue/ Red/ Green(Random Color)

Water Filters composition and function:
Zeolite: go out and chlorine, chlorine, and some other heavy metal impurities and make the water smell and health sweet.
Calcium nitrite: not only adsorbed organic compounds, toxic metal ions and harmful bacteria and viruses in the water has very strong adsorption, especially for dechlorination effect is more pronounced
Activated carbon: out chlorine, odor, and a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in water, has a bactericidal antibacterial function, can reduce water alkaline substance weakly alkaline water
PVC non-woven filter layer: filtered water in the iron slag, sediment, suspended solids, and visible impurities
1. Blackwater have started flowing out, this is normal, you can turn on the water for about 5-10 seconds, please read the instructions carefully and use the back of the baby
2.Avoid prolonged use in hot water, it is preferable to use at 50 degrees Celsius

Package Included:
3 X Tap water filter(Random Color)
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