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110V-220V Electric Heating Box 16Pcs Massager Hot Stones Kit

110V-220V Electric Heating Box 16Pcs Massager Hot Stones Kit

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Voltage: 110V-220V, 50Hz
Material:Aluminum alloy
Temperature: 60℃±10℃
Box Size:(approx.): 40x31x4cm/15.75x12.21x1.58”
Stones Color: Black
16 Massage Stones Size:approx.
4 x 8x8cm/3.2x3.2” 
4 x 6x8cm/1.4x3.2” 
8 x 4x3cm/1.6x1.2” 
Product efficacy: 

Relieve fatigue, relax nerves, beauty skin care, health care and other effects
Usage: After wiping off the energy stone, put it in a heating box, heat it to a certain temperature, take out the energy stone, cool it to the required temperature, and then gently massage on the body.
Hot stone use method:
1. Wipe the energy stone clean, put it in the heating box, plug in the power supply
2. Do not touch the heated hot stone directly with your hands to avoid burns.
3. Always use insulated gloves, remove the stone from the heating box, place it on a dry towel, and cool to the desired temperature.
4. At the bones and joints, reduce the strength and gently slide it open.
5. Please contact the customer to test the temperature before contacting the customer.
After Care:
-Drink plenty of water.
-Follow a healthy, light diet following treatment.
-Avoid Heat treatments of hot baths directly after.
-Allow a suitable period of time for the body to rest and re-balance.
-Allow oils to soak into the body before showering and your skin will love you for it.
-Have a regular treatment.

Package Included:
1x Heating Box with 
16 Massage Stones

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