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Cross Stitch Embroidery Thread Hoop Kit

Cross Stitch Embroidery Thread Hoop Kit

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- Product information:
- Embroidery Circles Material: Natural bamboo
- Embroidery Circles Size:13/15/20/23/26CM
- Features:
- Brand new and high quality.
- One Set Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit Cross Stitch.
- Tool Kit Including 5 Pieces Plastic Embroidery Hoop, 100 Color Threads, 13cm15cm20cm23cm26cmBamboo frame
- The most full rang set can meet the needs of the beginners.
- With this perfect set, you can start your journey of embroidery.

- Accessories colour:Ramdon
- Package Included:
- 100 color line
- 5*bamboo embroidery circles
- 2*pieces of white embroidered cloth
- 1*thimble
- 2*Hoist should lead wire device
- 10*Winding piece 
- 2*lead piece
- 1*wire remover
- 1*needle bottle
- 1*scissors

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